Identifying the signs of a gambling addiction

Responsible gambling means setting and sticking to self-imposed limits on the amount of time and money you spend at the virtual tables. Habitual deviation from these self-imposed limits could indicate an addiction. If you suspect that you have a gambling addiction, please answer the questions in the following questionnaire.

  1. Have you ever missed school or work because of gambling?
  2. Has your home life been negatively affected by your gambling?
  3. Has your reputation been affected by gambling?
  4. Have you ever tried to solve financial problems or pay off debts by gambling?
  5. When you lose, do you feel a strong urge to keep playing in order to win back your losses?
  6. When you win, do you feel a strong urge to keep playing in order to win more?
  7. Have you repeatedly gambled your money away (down to the last dollar)?
  8. Have you ever financed your gambling by borrowing money?
  9. Have you ever financed your gambling by selling something?
  10. Have you ever stopped yourself from using "gambling money" for normal expenditures?
  11. Have you ever gambled at the expense of your family's welfare?
  12. Have you ever gambled for longer than planned?
  13. Have you ever thought about/committed an illegal act to fund your gambling?
  14. Have you had difficulty sleeping as a result of your gambling?
  15. When frustrated, do you have an urge to gamble?
  16. When you want to celebrate good fortune, does gambling sound like a good way to do so?
  17. Have you ever felt regret after gambling?
  18. Have you ever experienced a decrease in efficiency or ambition as a resulting of your gambling?
  19. Have you ever gambled in an attempt to avoid everyday worries and/or troubles?
  20. Has gambling ever caused you to consider suicide?

According to Gamblers Anonymous, answering "yes" to seven or more questions indicates the possibility of a gambling addiction, and in such cases, we strongly advise that you seek professional assistance

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